It is with great sadness to learn of Bill’s departure from our world of design. What a wonderful, open, inclusive, sharing mind.

ID2 and RichardsonSmith first enjoyed a joint project with Black and Decker in ’84, then as advisor to my chairing of the ’85 ICSID/IDSA WORLDESIGN CONGRESS in Wash DC. Next, in’87, ID2 brought all their designers to the RichardsonSmith Design Campus for a week seminar. It was exciting, filled with optimism, futures focused with challenges. Both firms were committed to raising the design bar for excellence in problem solving processes. What a gift for us all to experience at that event. He led our design profession into the 21st century. He helped reshape the borders of our design profession future. He challenged us to excel beyond expectations. He shared his unique “design-thinking-and-doing” processes with students and professionals. He enabled new priorities for future designers. What an exciting and rewarding life-journey experience.

Bill, as a friend and mentor, you are already missed.

—Deane W. Richardson, FIDSA, ICSID Senator, co-founder RicharsonSmith, chairman emeritus FitchRichardsonSmith

submitted by Deane W. Richardson